How To Make a PRIVACY monitor

What you need:

  • (Old but not that old) monitor
  • Knife(sharp)
  • Chisel
  • Glue remover
  • Old pair of glasses
  • Polarised sheet


  1. Cut a perimeter around the monitor with a sharp knife.
  2. Get the chisel and take off all the polarised sheet with the chisel (try not to break it).
  3. Use the glue remover to clean the screen.
  4. Pop out the glass in the pair of glasses.
  5. if using new polarised paper make sure to fund the right angle the paper should be in.
  6. Cut out the sheet of polarised paper in the shape of the glasses and put them in the frame.
  7. Now when you turn on your screen you will just see white but when the glasses are worn you will be able to see the monitor as usual. 

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